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Balmuri Water Falls in Mysore

The term ‘Balmuri’ is a Kannad term where ‘Bala’ means right and ‘Muri’ means cut. As the Cauvery River takes to its turn towards right, the placed has got the name – ‘Balmuri’. This is a small and beautiful place surrounded with Palm trees, paddy fields and also a small island. This place is also famous for shooting of South Indian movies.

Balmuri Falls near Mysore

Attractions of Balmuri Falls

Balmuri Falls Mysore is a nice, rejuvenating gateway wherein one can experience natural shower. The scenery around is also beautiful giving a soothing and relaxing weekend. One can also enjoy boat ride that drives you closer to the nature. One can sit, play and walk around to see people enjoying the water from over the cascade, under the fall. There is an ancient Ganesh Temple across the bridge that adds another landmark to the picnic spot. The two annoying things at Balmuri Falls are monkeys who snatch eatables from the hands of tourists and growing crowd which has spoiled the surroundings.

The rejuvenating weekend gateway is not just a hot-spot for people from Mysore but is also a picnic spot for Bangalore Travelers. As Balmuri is located around 150kms. from Bangalore it gives a long driving experience to the enthusiasts.

Things to Carry

For maximum enjoyment, you should carry following things that will be of great use:

  • Swimsuits, life jackets or waist tubes to enjoy playing in water safely.
  • Sunscreen if someone is particular about complexion.
  • Camera and Sun-glasses.
  • Fishing Rods, those who want to have fun while relaxing.

Location of the Falls and How to Get There

Balmuri Water Falls is a man-made reservoir which is located around 18kms. from Mysore and few kms. away from Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary. It is an excellent picnic spot and an exciting tour for those having flair for little adventure. Cauvery River flows over a rocky bed and a check dam runs across the river more likely trying to stop the flow and to hold the river water to feed the irrigation area.

The length of the dam is 1.6 km and at a particular spot, there is step of about 6 feet from which creates the effect of a mini-waterfall. It is not a place to expect gushing water and it is relatively safe to enjoy playing in the water here as the intensity of water is less at this level.

KRS bus service is available upto 3kms. before the spot. From their one can either hire a taxi or an auto or if preferred can walk to reach the falls. Otherwise, private transport can also be used to reach the spot.

Other Attractions Near Balmuri Water Falls

Srirangapatna (Srirangapattinam) which is renowned for its seemingly impregnable fort, associated with the great ruler Tipu Sultan. It is situated in Mandya District. It at the western end of an oval shaped island formed by the two branches of the Cauvery.

Edmuri falls is located very closely to Balmuri and is about 500 feet to the east of Balmuri falls. It is a good spot to swim and play in the water under the scorching summer sun. This place is less crowded and is a good picnic spot. But one has to be cautious as there are jagged stones in the water and at some places pit falls in water.

K.R.S Dam
is around 8kms. from Balmuri falls and is a beautiful place to visit in the evening.

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