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Bhuvaneswari Temple Mysore

The word “Bhuvanam” means Universe and “Easwari” means Ruler. Therefore the name Bhuvaneswari has been given to the Goddess who serves as the Universal Mother for her children and the Ruler and Savior of the entire Universe. Goddess Bhuvaneswari’s Bheeja is HREEM and her residing place is Manidveepam which is a fort. The goddess possesses four hands out of which two hands hold the angusam and the noose that help the goddess in bringing the devotees closer to her and in shunning the sufferings of her devotees while the other two hands are used by the Goddess to less her devotees. Goddess Bhuvaneswari is considered to be one among the ten Maha Vidyas or the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that one eye of the Goddess is Raja Mathangi who bestowed erudition and prosperity while the other eye is Varahi who is the commander-in-chief of the celestial army that protects the devotees from all kinds of evil.

Bhuvaneswari Temple

Premises of Bhuvaneswari Temple

There is no explanation required to be given for Mysore palace as it is very famous among the local residents and even among the tourists who visit Mysore. However, there are many people who pay a visit to the palace several times but they fail to get a view of the beautiful temples located within the premises of the Mysore palace. The temples located within the premises of the Mysore palace are an elaborate description of the rare architecture, the grandeur and the history of Mysore. This account serves to baffle the present day engineers who look for uniqueness and excellence in the art that they practice. Each and every temple located within the premises has a distinct background and at the same time the temples also possess an ambiance that is very soothing and peaceful. The Bhuvaneswari Temple Mysore is one such temple that speaks o the beauty and the architecture that was practiced during the reign of the Maharajas of Mysore.

About Bhuvaneswari Temple

The Bhuvaneswari Temple is located in the northern side of the Mysore palace. The entire temple has been built by the use of Dravidian style. The temple was built by Jayachamaraja Wodeyar in the year 1951. Goddess Bhuvaneswari is the main idol in the Bhuvaneswari Temple which has been sculpted by Siddalingaswmy, the famous sculptor from Mysore. The Bhuvaneswari Temple corresponds to the Varahaswamy temple located in the southern side of the Mysore palace and is considered to be a exquisite piece of architecture and style.

The Deities in Bhuvaneswari TempleBhuvaneswari Mandir

The temple consists of a very large Surya Mandala which is basically a copper plate that was gifted to the temple by Maharaja Jayachamaraja Wodeyar. On “Ratha Saptami” which is considered as an auspicious day in the month of January or February, a special pooja is offered to the Surya Mandala. Apart from the statue of Goddess Bhuvaneswari, the temple also consists of statues of Maha Vishnu, Surya, Ganapathi, Chamundeshwari, Maheshwara and Rajarajeswari. The chola style gateway of the Bhuvaneswari Temple Mysore is very famous and it is also very beautiful providing a great architectural symmetry to the entire campus of the Mysore palace.

The Architecture of Bhuvaneswari Temple

The Bhuvaneswari Temple Mysore stands as a living example of exemplary beauty and wonder in sophisticated architecture and design. It is an example of the architecture that was practiced in Mysore during the reign of the Kings and is therefore considered to be one of the milestones in the history of Mysore.

Location of the Temple:

Palace Fort, Mysore
Phone: +(91)-(821)-2414120

The Mysore palace is granted its unique beauty and appeal due to the temples that are situated within its premises. Out of all the temples within the premises of the Mysore palace, the Bhuvaneswari Temple is considered as a great piece of art and Dravidian architecture.

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