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Blood Bank and Eye Bank in Mysore

Each drop of your blood is precious because it can save someone else’s life. Similarly your eyes too are precious. God gave us a pair of eyes with which we see this beautiful world around us, appreciate the many colors and shades of life. But, there are many around you, for whom life is all darkness. Yes, those who are born blind or have turned blind due to some eye disease cannot see those colors. But your eyes can give them their vision; their happiness. What lacks in most of us is awareness. In our country people are utterly prejudiced, to some extent superstitious and harbor a lot of wrong notions in matters related to blood donation and eye donation. They think that if they donate blood, their body will weaken and they’ll turn anemic which isn’t at all true. Eye donation though is becoming slowly popular in our country is yet to go a long way to gain a strong foothold because people are too prejudiced thinking that their body post death will be disfigured if they donate eyes. But it’s high time that we brush aside all our narcissism and judge matters from a humanitarian angle.

Blood Banks in Mysore

Donating blood and donating eyes and banking blood and banking eyes, rather the cornea can save and brighten hundreds of lives.  In the blood banks donated blood of different groups are well preserved and you can collect your required group of blood from the blood bank in times of critical emergencies like surgeries, blood transfusion when urgent blood is required to save the patient’s life. Similarly when cornea transplantation is needed, tissues can be matched and it can be collected from an eye bank to give the patient his or her lost vision. Today the government in all the states of our country is taking initiative to set up a good number of blood banks and eye banks to support the ailing masses.

Blood Banks in Mysore

If you are in Mysore, you must always keep the following list of the most reputable blood banks in Mysore and eye banks in Mysore with you because life today is indeed very uncertain. Here follows the list:

Jeeva Dhara Blood Bank

No. 1480 Mandarahasa, 1st Floor
New Sayyaji Rao Road
Mandi Mohalla, Mysore-570021
Phone: 0821 2444936

Krishna Rajendra Blood Bank

K.R Hospital
New Sayyaji Rao Road
Phone: 0821 2429800

Basaappa Memorial Blood Bank

No 22/A Vinoba Road,
Jayalakshmipuram, Mysore-570012
Phone: 0821 2512401

Krishna Rajendra Hospital & School of Nursing
Lashkar Mohalla, Mysore-570001
Phone: 0821 2429179

Eye Banks in Mysore

Here are names of eye banks in Mysore:

Mysore Eye Bank & Research Center

No. 313 Sushrutha Eye Hospital
Nxt to Marimallappa College, Dewans Road
K N Agrahara, Mysore-570024
Phone: 0821 2331794

Mysore Race Club Eye Hospital

No.h-1, Vinaya Marga, Opp Citv Chaultry,
Siddharthanagar, Mysore-57001
Phone: 0821 2472102

Keep this list always with you. Unforeseen emergencies often drop in like a bolt from the blue and make our life completely topsy-turvy. However if we take timely action without unnecessary delay things can be redressed to some extent. So don’t let the worst happen for you. This vital list can save your life plus the life of your loved ones too.

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