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Breathtaking Falls near Mysore

Waterfalls are always breath-taking whenever you visit these around the year. No matter, if you have been to the waterfall before but being there again is always so much fun. Mysore, being famous for its cuisine, historical places, forts, and wildlife sanctuaries has tremendous waterfalls near it. Visitors on their trip to Mysore can roam around in the city and then can take time to see the breathtaking waterfalls near Mysore. The waterfalls offer splendid experience and give the visitors a chance to enjoy the peace of their life away from their monotonous routine.

The two prominent waterfalls near Mysore are:
Both the falls offers amazing view of nature and happens to be the miracles of the God.

Chunchanakatte Falls Falls near Mysore

Located on the banks of Kaveri and around the Chunchanakatte village in Mysore district, Chunchanakatte is prominent for KodandaRama temple. The river Kaveri flows in two cascades before flowing as one in the place. The water from the waterfall falls from the height of 20 meters in Western Ghats. Lush green trees are found that enhances the view of the place. Every year in January, different festivals such as ‘car festival’ and ‘cattle festival’ are organized here, on account of Makara Sankranti.

History of the Chunchanakatte

The place was once visited by Lord Sri Ram where he halted on going to vanvas and met a couple Chuncha and Chunchi. To seek his blessings, the couple offered Lord Rama with hospitality. Going back to the era of Lord Rama, it is believed that Lakshman fired an arrow on a rock in the waterfall that enables 3 shades to pour out. The first shade seen was turmeric, other shade seen was oil and the 3rd shade seen was shikakai. The shades can be seen even now on the rock in the waterfall. Now, the government has constructed a power plant on the waterfall. The power plant has employed the local farmers. Also, the place of Chunchanakatte is featured in various regional flicks.

How to Get There

Reaching to waterfall is easy if you are to visit Mysore anytime. Visitors can take diversion from Krishnarajanagar to get to the waterfall and enjoying the splendid view. The waterfall is at a distance from 15 kilometers from KR Nagar.

Balmuri Falls Falls near Mysore

Being second largest city of Karnataka, Mysore is as charming as it was when Maharaja’s ruled it. In spite of the evolution of modernization in the city, the simplicity and innocence of the place appeals every visitor coming here. Mysore is home to some great temples, wildlife sanctuaries, splendid waterfalls, lush green gardens, palaces and much more.  A tourist visits the place anytime around the year and enjoys the charm of the city. After they are finished seeing all the amazing places of Mysore, visitors must take out some time to enjoy the beauty of life to see the – Balmuri falls near it.

Place for Nature Lovers

Traveling from the city of Mysore to the Krishna Raja Sagara Dam, there are two amazing waterfalls, Balmuri waterfall and Edmuri waterfall, 3 kilometers from the main road. The place is loved by locals and is a frequently visited destination by most of the tourists from across the country. Balmuri falls is enveloped by greenery on all sides and is a perfect place for staunch nature lovers. The waterfall has its own charm and offers full relaxation to the visitors from their monotonous life. While visitors come to Balmuri falls, they can head to ‘Ganesh Temple’ to seek the blessings.

The Balmuri falls derived its name from the direction in which the fall is situated. Balmuri is made by two words, ‘Bal’ which means right and ‘Muri’ which means cut in Kannada. Since the Balmuri river turns ‘right’, hence the name ‘Balmuri falls’. The waterfall happens to be an artificial reservoir, very close to Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary which is mere 18 kilometers away from Mysore.
Balmuri falls created due to ‘Check Dam’.

The waterfall was created due to check dam which was built on Cauvery river. The check dam extends itself to 1.6 kilometeres. Balmuri falls is safe to visit and to enjoy the splashing water with family, friends and groups. The place is best recognized as an attractive picnic spot where visitor can enjoy playing, walking around or swimming. Balmuri falls has been featured in several regional movies.
Reaching Balmuri falls: Tourists can conveniently hire a taxi, cab or an auto to reach Balmuri falls from Krishna Raja Sagara. The falls are at a 3 Kilometers from KRS Dam.

Edmuri Falls Falls near Mysore

The other small waterfall as beautiful as Balmuri falls is, Edmuri falls. The place is very close to the Balmuri falls, approximately 500 ft. to the east. Like Balmuri falls, Edumari is the best place to see and visit with family to get rid of any stress. Visitors can swim, play exciting games, walk around the fall and cherish such a splendid experience all life.

An Important Tip for Visitors: Visitors can carry swimsuits, camera, sunglasses, fishing sticks, and sunscreen with them to make their trip to the splendid waterfalls, a cherishing one. People can visit the Balmuri and Edmuri falls anytime in the year.
Seeing waterfalls, visitors would certainly know and see the beauty of nature through their open eyes.

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