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Filter Coffee 'Kaapi' of Mysore

Mysore, the city of palaces located at the base of Chamundi hills is a place of tourist delight. The picturesque sunsets and the grandeur of illuminated Mysore palace in the evening is a breathtaking sight. The city is famed for its traditional painting, silk, sandalwood and incense production. The filter coffee also known as ‘Kaapi’ is another element that the city boast of.

filter coffee outlet in mysore

In north India you are greeted with lassi, west India greets you with chhachh (buttermilk) and South India greets you with a cup of filter kaapi. With winters just round the corner, a perfect cup of coffee is what you need to boost yourself up for the entire day. While the new generation is in love with the new Italian coffees, nothing can beat the traditional filter coffee. About 80% of Indian coffee comes from Karnataka, and this coffee is often sold as Indian Mysore.

Filter Coffee is a sweet milky coffee made from dark roasted coffee beans (70%-80%) and chicory (20%-30%). The most commonly used coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta. The chicory, as it is roasted, it gives the beverage the roast flavour. It is also thought to be healthy, as it is caffeine-free.  Chicory powder is bitter in taste however when it is mixed with coffee powder, adds thickness and richness to the coffee and intensifies the taste and aroma of the coffee.

Preparation of Traditional Filter-Coffee Filter Coffee of Mysore

A coffee filter, a two-part vessel is what you need to make filter coffee. Roasted coffee powder is put in the upper chamber, and hot water is poured over it. The water dissolves the coffee which drips through the pores into the lower one. The dark liquid that collects in it is called the 'decoction', which is mixed with hot milk and sugar and served. The coffee is usually served in a tumbler, but is often cooled first with a dabarah - a wide metal saucer with lipped walls. Filter Coffee is typically served after pouring back and forth between the dabarah and the tumbler in huge arc-like motions of the hand. This helps in mixing the ingredients thoroughly; cooling the hot coffee down to a sipping temperature; and most importantly, aerating the coffee to add some broth.

Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold

Filter Coffee of Mysore

The coffee in Mysore is grown on the Merthi Subbangudy Estate. The name "Mysore Nuggets" was given by Westerners to distinguish premium beans from others. Mysore is the traditional market name for coffees of south-central India. These Mysore nuggets are very large beans and so the name ’Extra bold Mysore nuggets’. This arabica is grown in the southern region of Mysore under shaded rainforest at an altitude of 4800 feet. The beans are wet processed, sun dried and have a dark green and blue appearance. The dry fragrance is malty, sweet and cedar. Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold is the highest grade of Indian wet-processed Arabica coffee based on very large bean size and virtual absence of visual defects. This is a rare, premium coffee and truly represents the best quality coffee from India .It is superb in balance of sweetness and spice, with low acidity but boldness in flavor.

Visiting Mysore and not having a sip of filter coffee would be a sin. In fact indulging in filter coffee is even more sinful and irresistible. A perfect dinner in Mysore would include Dosas and Idlis with filter coffee to end it with.

Restaurants Serving Filter Coffee

Most of the restaurants and joints excel in the art of making filter coffee but here’s a list of few restaurants where you get the best filter coffees in Mysore:
1.    Bombay Indra Bhavan - Sayyaji Rao Road, Mysore
2.    Cafe Aramane - Sayyaji Rao Road, Mysore
3.    GTR,Chamundipuram, Mysore
4.    Ritz Hotel, Mysore
5.    Vinayaka Mylari. Nazarbad Main Rd, Mysore
6.    Nalpak Restaurant, Vani Vilas Mohalla, Mysore
7.    Caffe Pascucci, Adipamapa Road VinayakaNagara, Mysore
8.    Mysore Refreshments, Garden Park Road, Mysore

The popular filter coffee of Mysore is the most sought-after beverage in the city as well as other places too. You should try it once you are there!

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