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Infrastructure of Mysore City

Administrative authorities of Karnataka have taken the infrastructure development of Mysore as a priority, and planned to make Mysore—the next center of development after Bangalore, as the city has the capacity to accommodate large units of non-polluting IT and ITES.


The total area of Mysore city is expanding rapidly which now spreads over more than 15000 hectares. The city’s infrastructure pertains to water supply, public transport, electricity, sanitation, roads and basic services for the urban poor.

Existing Facilities Improvement

The project aims to renew the old city areas to remove congestion and extend basic living facilities to the urban poor. The existing services on education, health and social security will be ensured and improved to meet the requirement of the people. It is planned to reconstruct the old market place, recast the water supply system and rejuvenate the lakes in the area. Redevelopment of the inside the city such as –  drainage improvement, etc. will be the prime factor under the project.

The basic services ensured for the urban poor includes potable water supply, improvement of slums through sanitation facilities, community bath and toilets, construction of community halls, etc.

Infrastructure Development through JNNRUM

The Government is pumping money to Mysore under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission [JNNRUM] and the city will definitely get its infrastructure improved within a short span of time. Mysore city is one of the 63 cities selected by the institution, for implementing the project based on the parameters fixed – 80% of the project cost usually paid by the Centre and the remaining 20% expenditure is to be shared by the State government and the Local bodies. The financial assistance will be provided for seven years, till it gets completed; also, the project is intended for integrated infrastructure development.

Pedestrians Improvement

It is estimated that Mysore city has an annual growth rate of 9% in the number of vehicles; also, it is observed that, two wheelers constitute the major portion of the vehicles registered every year, and it is quite natural to increase the accident rate, consequent to the rapid growth of vehicles that come to the road every year.


It is due to the improvements being made on the roads like traffic median, guard rails, signage and the facilities made for the pedestrians like foot path, underway, foot over bridges etc. has helped reduce the accident rate in the city. Besides, awareness being imparted through print and electronic media have played a vital role in curtailing the accident rate.

National highways 17.33 and 88, seems to pass via Mysore, which increases the availability of nearby towns and cities. The state highway to Bangalore has been upgraded by making it 4 lanes and it has reduced the travelling time considerably. Now, it needs only two hours’ drive to reach the Bangalore city, and the total road network in the city, has five arterial roads connecting to Bangalore, Mangalore, Kanakapura and Manantavady; whereas, the total length of all types of these roads in the city comes to around 2000 kms.

Reduced Congestion through Ring Roads

As the number of industries, commercial establishments, educational institutions, residential constructions, etc. started increasing, the number of vehicles coming to and going from the city have also increased. Thus, to avoid this traffic congestion, the ring road is constructed and maintained in a proper way.


Mysore has a good road network consisting of outer ring road, intermediate ring road and the inner ring road. The outer ring road goes around the city and it helps minimizing the traffic congestion in the city. While, the other ring roads pass through the existing roads. However, upgrading the ring roads is under active consideration of the government.

Road Improvement Infrastructure

Completing the two lane roads on a time bound program, expanding the two lanes into four lanes, widening the bridges and roads as well.


Making improvements at the junctions, road markings, etc. will be proposed as matters of importance. Parking facilities for vehicles at bus stations, railway stations etc. are supposed to be improved.

Construction of new bridges, development of roads and parks will certainly reduce the congestion being experienced in the city now and it will provide a new look to the city.

Residential Infrastructure

Mysore is a place inhering the values of olden days and people find it a pleasure to acquire land for residential purpose, and it is the city of Palaces. Knowing the importance of the place, many developers have come forward to invest in high standard residential infrastructure. Mysore is a city which can claim as one of the oldest planned city in the country. The higher education of its populace is noteworthy. The city has five engineering colleges, and out of which, one is meant only for ladies.


The growth of Mysore city is gradual unlike other cities where there is a development.And it is a great positive point of the city that, it still has room for growth. Another peculiarity of the city is that, it has a low slum population, and Mysore city’s geographical lying is favorable to its growth. It has the proximity of Kerala, Bangluru and Chennai.

The wireless communication system through WI-Fi system has transformed Mysore into an IT friendly place. Big IT companies are moving to the city as they have found the place conducive to their business. But, the city needs to be planned accordingly. The city is to be geared up for meeting the large scale inflow of employees and their families. Residential facilities and standard educational institutions are to be set up. The most important thing is that the green coverage of the city is to be increased. 

Railway Infrastructure

Different political parties and local authorities are demanding for more train services to and from Mysore to reduce the congestion on roads and easy movements of goods. Besides an important tourist spot, Mysore is a noted place for industries after Bangalore. Doubling of tracks between Bangalore and Mysore is to be carried out on a priority basis.


It is high time to explore the feasibility of raising a second railway station at Mysore as it will reduce the crowd in the existing station. The State Government pays much attention to the rail development in Mysore as it is willing to take up project on cost sharing basis with central Government. The intention of both the State and Central Governments is to enhance connectivity to the hinterland and give an impetus to economic growth of the backward areas.

Mysore is the divisional headquarters of southern railways and the railway lines passing through the city enhances the accessibility to other cities and makes the commodity movement faster. The central railway workshop in Mysore is being equipped to undertake the overhauling of the Linke Holfmann Busch [LHB] that are attached to Rajadhani and Satabdhi trains.

Such Railway Infrastructure of Mysore offers train services on a regular basis, and thus people are benefited by the daily travel facility. These trains are usually moved from Mysore to Bangalore and in reverse order (that means, Bangalore to Mysore) as well. With the intention to speedup the transportation, the authorities have planned to modify the railway infrastructure.

Airport Infrastructure

Mysore airport is an old one built in 1948, which is situated 12 kms away from the city, and its runway is small. Smaller planes will be managed, right from the airport, and there are plans to convert the airport to the international level; whereas, the one and only terminal provided to the needs of several domestic flights, which connects important cities of the country.


Though it is a small airport, the travelers get facilities like duty free-shopping, etc. Thousands of travelers from different parts of the country boost the travel sector; and however, the airport requires international facilities. Travelers can reach Mysore airport by bus and taxi cabs as well. 

Development in Tourism Sector

The Government is keen on developing the infrastructure in the tourism sector of Mysore. Recently, the Chief Minister Karnataka has granted Rs. 100 Crores with the intention to improve the facilities under the tourism sector. 


As the tourist sector gets affected easily, it has to be improved; also, the urban transport system in the city has to be improved further to attract tourists, and the business community, as well as Public amenities needs to be strengthened.

The drainage in the city needs to be improved in order to avoid water locking of the low lying areas. In fact, it is a project that needs priority in implementing.

Also, Infrastructure is being the stepping stone for the development of the place, as thousands of travelers from different parts of the country arrive to boost the travel sector, there is a necessity for international facilities.

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