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Central Jail of Mysore

Jails in India were usually established by the British Government, but Indian Government has been updating these jails since past years. Mysore Jail is one of the famous Jails, where there are many prisoners along with the great criminal profiles such as Don – Chotta Rajan, and Shooter Bachcha Khan are placed inside this jail.

Mysore Central Jail

The main intention of setting-up jails is to keep society or public safe from such criminals, who harm the people. Also, to make the prisoners realise their mistakes, as well as help to improve their lifestyle. Prisoners are not just kept behind the iron bars, but they are also given many other facilities like Clothing, Medical Camp, Bathing and Toilet Facility, and many more.
Though it is a jail, prisoners are given lot many facilities to give them a homely feel. The reason behind this arrangement is to change their mind, cultivate togetherness (oneness), improve their personality by treating each other like friends and not enemies.TMysore jail has been launched in the year 1862 on Ashoka road, which is widely spread with 21 acres of land, and lots of reconstruction or reformation works are being done every year or most often, by the Government of Mysore since 152 years. The Government is planning to conduct many different activities in this wide area.

The Establishment of Mysore Central Jail

There are also certain activities which have been started already such as – Agriculture and Horticulture, Education and Library, Sports and Cultural Activities, and many more. This way Mysore jail has been providing prisoners a wide area for prisoners to perform many interesting activities that will give lots of encouragement to the jailers to forget their past, improve their personality and start their new life, after getting released from the jail.

Administrators and Staff of Mysore Central Jail

It is found that, there are around 102 staffs, as per the details given by P?S?Jayasimha – Chief Superintendent of Prisons. The details include—Chief Superintendent (1), Superintendents (2), Assistant Superintendent (1); the other important staffs include Warders (82), and Head Warders (16). But, there is still more staff to come, as there is a huge number of requirement to manage the prisons by taking more secure and safety measures.
Security measures can be related to protect both the prisoners as well as the Public. Safety measures for prisoners include protection from natural calamities, or through protesters, by arranging safety roofs and walls. Also, safety measures for public include – High Secured Jail Walls, to prevent prisoners to escape from the jails and harm people outside.

It becomes duty of the administrators and guards to maintain the jail in a secured way, that too by fulfilling the needs of the prisoners as well.

Security in Mysore Central Jail

After the incidents at Bellary jail, which became easy for the killers like Jai Shanker to jump out of the walls, the administration of Mysore jail has awaken, and have built highly secured 20 feet tall wall, which becomes impossible for the prisoners to escape from this wall. 
The walls are so strong that, they have been built by razor-barbed wire fencing, which may harm the person who tries to jump over the wall. So, there is absolutely no chance to escape.
Such walls are very important for the jail, not just to prevent prisoners from getting escape, but also to avoid other people to send messages to the prisoners inside, which will make the criminals to run-off from this jail.

Betterment Activities for Prisoners in Mysore Central Jail

There are various activities performed in jail including agriculture and horticulture. A large acre of land is provided for the prisoners to do agriculture and horticulture. Government has arranged a guide to guide them in these fields; so that, prisoners can learn the method of how exactly agriculture and horticulture is done, and adopt them in their life after getting released from the jail.

Prisoners are taught both Basic and Advanced method of Agriculture and Horticulture. This means, manual and machinery method will be practiced in the open area of the central jail, or prisoners are carried out some other wide open space, especially to the fields to make them learn agriculture, if they are interested to build their career in agriculture.

Managing a Bakery

As per the recent news, bakery items such as bread, buns, biscuits, etc have been started manufacturing by the Mysore jail administrators. These administrators provide all the essentials such as maida, sugar, eggs, and so on ... needed to prepare bakery products; but, all the expenses are filled by the Government itself. The main intention behind making the bakery items is to help them to start a new career by changing or modifying their lifestyle. 

Investigation has found that, 800 pounds of bread, 20kg biscuits, and 500 buns, etc. are being manufactured and sold out daily. This will help prisoners to start a new business when they are released from the jail. Also, earn some money when they are in the prison itself, which will assist them for their personal expenditure after releasing.
These bakery items are sold in the outlet – opened for premises to sell the bakery products. And this outlet is occupied by CCTV camera, along with the prison guard to keep a keen eye on the products manufactured.

Education and Library

Jailers or prisoners have the opportunity to study in the jail itself. Mysore jail administrators have been in touch with many universities and provide great opportunity for the prisoners to learn and improve their career, studying at jail. Thus, there are many young prisoners who have taken advantage of this learning opportunity at jail, and they studied hard to hold a degree or diploma certificate staying at jail itself. 

Education Library

Also, the Government of Mysore has provided library facility in the Mysore Central jail, with the intension to help prisoners study in a better way. So that, after they are released from the jail, these people will get wide job opportunity in many standard companies in India and abroad as well, through which they can start their new career and lead the new life happily.

Sports and Cultural Activities

If prisoners are interested in sports and cultural activities, they can participate in many sports and cultural activities conducted by the jail administrators.  Sports such as Volleyball, Football, Cricket Match, Hockey, etc. are played at the ground. Also, there will be cultural programmes like dance, drama, music is also held by the administrators, who encourage prisoners to perform several activities and build their career.

Such type of physical activities not just helps them build their career in the sports field, but also gives them physical fitness and thereby keeps them strong and healthy; also, encourages them to lead their life by working hard, and not through any shortcut root such as robbery or murder.

Health Camps for Prisoners in Mysore Central Jail

Prisoners are even provided health checkup or health camp by the Government of Mysore, with the intension to keep these prisoners healthy and safe. The health camp began after the capture of intimates of Veerapan. These people suffered from nausea and vomiting and were taken to the health clinic for check up, and there were no certain facility in the jail during that time.

Later, Government became alert and have create Health Camp in the Jail itself, which helped many prisoners to get immediate treatment and get speedy recovery.Actually, Mysore Government had planned about this Health Camp long back, but the facility came into existence after the intimates of Veerapan, including his wife Muttulakshmi.

Cable TV Arrangement in Mysore Central Jail

There are around 40 cells in the jail, among which 35 are meant for men and 5 cells are occupied by women. Each cell includes Television with Set Top Box which costs Rs.1000 (per Set Top Box), and all the prisoners are allowed to watch television till night 10:30 only, and will be switched-off later.
This is one of the ways, where government of Mysore and the administrators of the jail have shown their humanity against prisoners by creating homely environment and has given lots of freedom for these people to enjoy in the jail by watching the programmes of their interest.

Mysore Prisoners

Even, some movies are played for the sake of these prisoners. Such facilities have made them to remain in the jail, rather than escaping out of the jail.

Some Well-Known Prisoners in Mysore Central Jail

There were more than 1000 prisoners kept in this jail, along with famous profiles such as Don. Chotta Rajjan, and Shooter Bachcha Khan; also, Godman Nithyananda was arrested due to his shameful act in Bidadi Ashram, and after investigations done, he was later released from the Mysore Central Jail. Not just Nithyananda, but, even other prisoners will be released every year, during festivals or certain special days like Independence Day, Republic Day, Kannada Rajyotsava, Shivaratri, etc. 

Nithyananda Mysore Jail

Not all prisoners, but selected persons will be released from this jail. It all depends upon the activities performed by the prisoners. If administrators feel that, prisoners have transformed or getting changed, they will release them from the jail during the special days. 

Address of Mysore Jail:
Mysore Central Jail
BB Keri, Rajendra Nagar
Mysore, Karnataka 570001

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