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Mysore Marathon

Athletics is basically a collection of sports that comprises running, jumping, walking and throwing. Some of the most acclaimed competitions that involve running are relay races, cross country running, race walking, road relays and marathons. Athletics does not require any expensive equipment which is why it is favored by many people. It is mostly played individually.  Athletes compete at district, city, state, national and international levels

Mysore Marathon

Mysore excels in the field of athletics. Several renowned athletes belong to the city of Mysore. The city has always contributed greatly to the state in athletics. Some of the world famous athletes of Mysore are Silver medalist, S. Somashekar, bronze medalist, Seetharam and many more.

Athletics Races

  • Track and Field – This championship is held between athletes from competing educational institutions, military organizations and sports clubs. Track and field competitions include shot put, discus throw, javelin, long jump and high jump.
  • Road Running – Road running is start from paved roads and finish on a stadium track. Marathons and relays races are favorable examples of road running championships.
  • Cross Country Running – Cross country competitions are take place on open-air in places like grass and woodland tracks. This type of running is done individually as well as in a team. These races are conducted over long distances. The most traditional cross country running is mountain running.
  • Race walking – Race walking is contest which involves brisk fast walking on open roads or tracks used for running. The contestants walk with their legs straight and cannot bend them at any time during the competition. These are long distance walks.

Competitions Held

The athletics competitions are divided into three primary categories.

  • International Championships
  • National Championships
  • Annual Meetings
  • Races

The tournaments are held mostly in stadiums, set race courses on grass or woodlands and open roads or tracks made on roads. They are made in a way to ensure the safety of the athletes.

Athletics is promoted by the Mysore District Athletic Association which aims at conducting different meets of all ages. At all levels Mysore has made Karnataka and India proud.

Idea Behind Mysore Marathon

A marathon is a long-distance event which focuses on running covering a distance of approximately fifty kilometers. The event is mostly conducted on road tracks. It was one of the events of the Olympic Games initially. The marathon is held all over the world annually but the distance varies. A marathon involves men, women, children and differently able. The basic idea of a marathon was initiated to host an event for people that aim at creating awareness about health and living conditions of people and different sections of the society.

The marathon is run in teams and group and people from all over the world participate in this athletic event. Mysore also conducts several marathons every year which invites a large number of people globally.

Mysore Marathon Events

  • Celebration Mysore ½ Marathon & 10K
  • Celebration Run Series
  • Kaveri Trail Half Marathon
  • Namma Mysore Marathon

The Celebration Mysore Half Marathon & 10K was held in 2013 on 29th September by the organization called Life is Calling Sports.

Celebration Mysore Half Marathon 2013 Categories

  • 5 Kilometers Celebration Run for participants above 11 years
  • 10 Kilometers Relay
  • 10 Kilometers Run
  • 21 Kilometers Half Marathon

The Kaveri Trail Marathon was held on 14th and 15th September 2013. The trail began from Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary and finished at Young Island Resort in Srirangapatna.

Kaveri Trail Marathon 2013 Categories

  • Men’s Open – Less than 45 years
  • Men’s Senior – 45 years and above
  • Women’s Open – Less than 45 years
  • Women’s Senior – 45 years and above

The Namma Mysore Marathon was held on 29th September 2013. The event started from the Mysore Palace and ended at the same place. This was the Mysore Half Marathon.

Mysore Marathon is very famous all over the world and is one of the most important events held in the city. It encourages and invites people from all corners of the world and all sections of the society to participate in the event. Everyone should participate in this show down at least once in a lifetime.

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