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Mysore Pak

According to reports, it is estimated that Mysore Pak was prepared in the Mysore Palace kitchens by a famous cook of the Mysore palace called Kakasura Madappa. Kakasura Madappa who was a cook at the palace for a very long time prepared a concoction out of sugar, ghee and besan. The sweet thus formed was very tasty and it delighted the taste buds of the royalties and soon transformed into the “Royal Sweet” of Mysore. Since the cook was not aware of the name that he would give this dish, he simply called the preparation “Mysore Pak” which became very popular in the form of a delicacy from Mysore palace. The king of Mysore was so very delighted with Madappa’s preparation that he allowed Madappa to set up a shop in the exteriors of the palace so that the common people could also enjoy and relish the taste of Mysore Pak.

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak - The Popular Sweet of Mysore

Mysore Pak is one sweet that is very popular and at the same time it serves as the most loved sweet throughout the southern part of India. A lot of experience and practice is required to make this sweet and the result thus produced is worth the effort that is put into making this sweet. The Mysore Pak that was prepared traditionally used to be crumbly and hard possessing a texture that was of a honey comb but with the new version of Mysore Pak available at Sri Krishna Sweets, the entire look of the sweet has changed. Mysore Pak is exceedingly soft and it possesses a texture that just melts in the mouth. The Mysore Pak oozes with sugar and ghee and it is just mouth watering. It is extremely delicious and extremely high in calories. The Mysore Pak Recipe is not only soft but at the same time it is also very fast.

Mysore Pak Recipe

The basic information related to the Krishna Sweets Mysore Pak Recipe is:
  • Preparation Time: Less than 15 minutes
  • Cooking Time: Less than 15 minutes
  • Serving: More than 8 people
  • Yield: 15 pieces those are medium-large

Ingredients of Mysore Pak

The ingredients that are required for the preparation of Mysore Pak are as follows: 
  • Sifted Gram flour or Besan: One and a half cups
  • Solidified Ghee: One cup
  • Light Olive oil: One cup (ghee can also be used)
  • Sugar: Two cups
  • Water: Half a cup

Preparation of Mysore Pak

For the preparation of Mysore Pak, the following method is required to be employed:
  •  First of all the olive oil and the ghee are required to be heated together.
  •  The sifted besan or gram flour should be taken in another vessel or pan.
  •  Next hot ghee should be added to the besan or the gram flour.
  • The ghee should not be more than one to two tablespoons which serves to be enough for mixing the besan so that it forms crumbs. The process of adding ghee to the besan is carried out in order to avoid the besan from getting formed into lumps when added to sugar syrup. NOTE: The flour or the besan that is used here should not be roasted.
  • Meanwhile the sugar and the water should be mixed together in a pan that is quite heavy.
  • The mixture should be allowed to boil and this process should continue until the mixture gains one thread uniformity.
  • The syrup in the pan should be continuously stirred with one hand while the flour should be Mysore Paksprinkled with the other hand. This is a step where more than two people are required. it should be made sure that the flour or the besan is sprinkled on the surface of the syrup. This is step where stirring starts and it continues till the last step of this recipe. Stirring is an important part of this recipe.
  • Make sure that the flour or the besan is well stirred and in and try to lower the flame to medium heat. The flour in its present color would be pinkish red but it should be kept in mind that the flour does not turn completely red. It should also be noted that the mixture of ghee on the sides is on medium high flame.
  • The stirring should be continued while one scoop of ghee is taken and poured evenly on the surface of the flour. The moment hot ghee is added to the besan, you will notice that the flour froths up.
  • Continue stirring.
  • When it is noticed that the flour becomes thick by absorbing ghee, another scoop of ghee should be poured into the besan and it will again froth up.
  • Wait for some time until the besan is found to thicken slightly.
  • Add extra ghee.
  • Keep stirring.
  • This process of adding more ghee should be repeated again and again and it will be noticed that the entire mixture keeps on thickening and at the same time the mixture is also found to change color from being bright yellow it transforms into brownish yellow. It is during this process that the aroma of Mysore Pak will spread around the area. The flame plays an important role in deepening the color of the pak. If the flame is kept high, the color of the pak will be brownish red or deep red.
  • It is also important that the mixture of flour should leave the sides of the vessel. This can be noticed by the stirring action that will denote that the mixture of flour becomes quite easy to move and it does not stick to the bottom or the sides of the vessel.
  • The stirring action should not be stopped because if stopped the mixture begins to rise in frothing action.
  • Continue stirring and it will be noticed that the mixture starts moving quite freely, it will be more aromatic and will change into a thick mass.
  • Next a well greased pan or plate should be taken and the mixture that is obviously hot should be poured into the plate or the pan.
  • The pan should be patted on the surface in order to spread the mixture evenly on all the sides of the pan. Allow the mixture to cool down until the mixture hardens up to some extent. The mixture should not be allowed to cool down completely because a soft mixture is required for cutting it in shape.
  • Desired shapes can be chosen for cutting the mixture once it settles.
  • Next allow the shapes that have been cut to cool down completely and the remove all the pieces with the help of a knife.
This is the entire process of preparing yummy Mysore Pak that completely melts in the mouth and at the same time it tastes like Heaven. The left over that cannot be eaten all at a time should be stored in regular container or zip bag at room temperature. This helps in keeping the pak good and tasty for a very long span of time.

Mysore Pak is not only relishing and delicious but at the same time it is a sweet that serves to have an amazing effect on the senses of the people who have it.

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