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Nimishamba Temple Mysore

Nimishamba Temple Mysore is situated on the banks of River Kaveri and it is at a distance of about 2 kilometers from Srirangapatna. The temple is quite ancient and it is majorly located on the road that leads to Srirangam from Srirangapatna. Sri Nimishamba is supposed to be the incarnation of Goddess Parvati who was the wife of Lord Shiva.

Nimishamba Temple Mysore

Premise of Nimishamba Temple

The temple premise is the place where penance or tapas was performed by King Muktharaja. The Shri Chakra found near the statue of the goddess is worshipped regularly. The temple is famous for the culture, the religious significance and the history that it possesses and it is only because of this reason that people from all over the world visit this temple for their prayers and their worship.

Deity of Nimishamba Temple Nimishamba Temple in Mysore

There is a story that dates back to 1548 AD associated with the manifestation of the Divine Mother as Devi Nimishamba on Earth. It was in 1548 AD that Surnaska the then King of Mysore developed a very strong desire of performing a fire sacrifice that aimed at the welfare of his wards and subjects. The Divine Mother is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu representing Primordial and cosmic energy known as Adiparashakti. She is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. As it is very difficult to understand the vastness and the largeness of her cosmic energy, the Mother manifests herself in different forms that can be interpreted by the mind of a human being. It is fortunate that the city of Mysore has been blessed with the energy of the compassionate and divine Mother Sri Nimishamba.

Belief Followed by the Temple

The Nimishamba Temple Mysore is of great relevance because King Muktharaja performed tapas at this place and therefore the place is relevant to the Mutharasa. There is a stone kept just in front of the deity in the temple and it is called the Shri Chakra. There is an appealing legend associated with the Shri Chakra. It is believed that King Muktharaja was the founder of this place and he was the one to inscribe the Shri Chakra before performing penance. The stone came into being around 400 years ago under the reign of Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar.

The people around the place have a strong belief that Sri Nimishamba will relieve them of all their troubles and problems within a very short span of time if they perform regular pujas at the temple. This is the reason why the deity at the temple is called Nimishamba. The word Nimisha means one minute. The temple also possesses a deity of Lord Shiva in the name of Moukthikeshwara because the king was blessed with the boon that Sri Nimishamba would to help him in his war against demons.

Shrines in Nimishamba Temple

The temple appears in the form of a small shrine that consists of Rajagopuram that are seven tiered. The Samadhi of Goddess Nimishamba lies on the right side of the shrine and it is truly a unique piece of art. The Goddess is bedecked beautifully with garlands made of red roses and different kinds of jewelry. Just in from of Goddess Nimishamba lies Shri Chakra where puja is performed by the use of kumkum. Complete silence is observed at the temple and the devotees are required to stand in gripped attention while deeparadhana is handed over to the deity.

Adjacent to Goddess Nimishamba’s Samadhi is the samadhi of Lord Shiva whose designation is Aksheeswara. The samadhi is a small linga. The Nandi is also very small in size and it faces Lord Shiva diagonally. The deeparadhana is offered first to Lord Shiva and then to the Goddess as the Goddess is the wife of Lord Shiva. The samadhi adjacent to the samadhi of Lord Shiva is of Lakshminarayana. The samadhis are found to be placed in a row. The temple does not consist of a navaranaga or a Suka nasi; it only possesses a Mukha Mantapa.

Prayers in Nimishamba Temple

The popularity of the temple has grown recently because the prayers of the devotees at this temple have always been granted.
People who plan to perform pujas at the Nimishamba Temple Mysore should make it a point to carry a lemon because lemon is kept on the Shri Chakra while the puja is performed. It is believed that the lemon placed on the Shri Chakra can bring good fortune and luck for an individual. It is the priest who informs the devotees about keeping the lemon and taking it as lime juice or submerging it in the river.
The main attraction of the Nimishamba Temple Mysore is the beautiful carvings found on the temple tower. The carvings found on the tower highlight some wonderful paintings. The carvings also consist of idols of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Saraswati and Lakshmi and even hanuman.
The main hall of the temple consists of a big bell made of brass hanging and this bell is rung by the priest after he offers bali bhojanam or food to the Gods and the Goddesses at the temple and the bali peetam which is the food given to ancestors. For the purpose of circumbulation, the temple consists of a prakaram which is a closed area within a temple.

Festivals Celebrated in Nimishamba Temple

A festival called “Nimishamba Jayanti” propagated by Sri Somavamsha Arya Kshatriya is celebrated within the temple premises. This festival is celebrated on the auspicious day of Vaishak Shuddha Dasami every year. The Arya Vsyas celebrate this festival as “Vasavamba Jayanti”. Special poojas are offered in the temple on every full moon day and the temple is open for Darshan from 6 am to 8.30 pm on all days.

Location and Approach of Nimishamba Temple

The elevation of the temple is quite high and it faces the east. River Kaveri flows by the temple at a lower level and the temple also consists of steps made of stone slabs that can help one to reach the temple.
One can get to the Nimishamba Temple Mysore easily by hiring a bus service from the city of Mysore. People can also look for autos that ply from Srirangapatna and are used by the local people. The roads to the temple are not in good condition but people can always adjust because the temple is just 2 kilometers away from Srirangapatna. The Nimishamba Temple Mysore is a place worth visiting not just because it is a holy place but also because it is a peaceful and a soothing environment.

People who visit Mysore should always make their plans of visiting the Nimishamba Temple Mysore because of its splendid look and the fantastic beauty that it possesses.

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