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Police Station in Mysore

The maintenance of legal terms and the administration of Mysore is looked after by Mysore city police. Like all other major states and cities of India, Mysore also consists of an individual Police Station in Mysore for every area. The Mysore city police is the main wing or the main medium that works in the form of law and order enforcer in Mysore. The entire group of Mysore city police works under kind supervision and guidance of the State Police of Karnataka. This group possesses a very strong network that includes mobile patrols, foot patrols, armed force and traffic patrols. Mysore city police wing also consists of mobile units for the help of the citizens of Mysore whenever it is required. Other units that are found included within Mysore city police are City Crime Record Bureau, City Crime Branch, City Armed Reserves and Mounted Police. The network also includes vehicular patrols known as ‘Garuda’. These are mobile patrols and they work for the help and the security of the citizens of Mysore.

Mysore Police Station

There are very few departments of police in India that make use of Blackberry and attend the Online Code Enforcement Complaints with great priority. Mysore Police Department and Bangalore City Police are a part of these few departments in India.

Mission and Vision of Mysore Police

The main mission of Mysore Police is to maintain order, uphold the important law and maintain peace in Mysore which is also known as the Heritage city. The Mysore Police serves as a force that works for the security and the safeguard of the entire nation and at the same time it also ensures the success and the survival of the entire Mysore city. The Police department of Mysore city always tries to build Mysore as a safe home for its people and the police force also works in the field of inspiring the people of Mysore. Mysore police works in the form of a harmonious family that serves and at the same time leads people. it also contributes effectively to the main objectives of the entire team or police force of Mysore. The police force of Mysore takes its people or citizens as valued assets and they work in an environment that is very enjoyable.

The main vision of Mysore Police is to serve as an organization that is capable of sustaining life for the entire nation. Mysore police always likes to be united and to work in the form of a community that would be successful in ensuring the greatest standard of security and safety within the city of Mysore. They also strive to carry out their work in the best interest of the people and the city.

Mysore city police works in the form of a friend, a guardian and a Protector for the community serving the community with the best of ability and in the greatest standards. The police force of Mysore has this in mind that the people associated with disorder and crime should fear them and the public should trust them. Mysore city police has this strong desire of working in the form of an organization where people are developed and are able to give the best ideas.

Special Branches of Mysore Police

There are some special branches that have been arranged within the Mysore Police segment. These branches work side by side the normal branches that are found in every police department of the country. The special branches that have been included with the Mysore police department are as follows:

Foreign Section

Since Mysore is a city possessing many tourist attractions, Mysore city police makes it a point to safeguard its tourists through its foreign section. This department of Mysore police works in making Mysore a safe and a pleasant place for its tourists. There are certain rules and regulations that have been chucked out for the tourists in Mysore by the foreign section of the Mysore police department. It is important for the tourists to abide by the rules that have been laid down so that they can make their stay in Mysore a comfortable and happy one.

Mounted Police

Mounted police force is not found in every city and state of India. Mysore police department is one among those unique police departments that possesses mounted police force. This unit of Mysore city police was formed on 1st November 1952 from the Non- India State Forces by King of Mysore Krishnaraja Wodeyar. The most competent and fit officers are chosen in the mounted police section of the Mysore police department.

Crime Branch

The City Crime Branch unit of Mysore police department is also very famous because of the effective work that it has been doing in the field of solving criminal cases. Thus branch of the Mysore police department is an investigating agency that is very specialized in handling cases of the most obscene nature. The head of this unit is Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Mysore Police Helpline

The Mysore police helpline number is 105 or 2418400 and the helpline office is situated at CCB Building, Ashoka Road. This helpline office remains open for the general public twenty four by seven and is attended by three constables who look into the grievances of the common people. Volunteers in the helpline office are available from 10 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday and 10 am to 2 pm on Sundays. The volunteers or the police officers working at the helpline office have a work schedule in three slots that include three hours each. They deal with cases such as marital discord, physiological problems, relationship issues, domestic violence, workplace harassment, financial problems resulting in family breakdown, legal problems, issues of senior citizens, alcoholism, suicidal tendencies and academic issues. The helpline office of the Mysore police department has been very successful in addressing the problems of the citizens and has also provided great solace to the people of Mysore over the years. More than seventy percent cases have been solved by this helpline office that has taken up the calls o more than twenty thousand people.

The names and contact details of some of the most important officers of Mysore Police Department and the Police Stations of Mysore have been provided below:

Commissioner of Police

Mirza Road, Near Gandhivana Park, Nazarbad, Lokaranjan Mahal Road, Doora, Mysore- 570010, Karnataka, India
Phone: 91 821 2418100, 2418101, 2418102
Control Room: 100, +91 821-2418139,  +91 821-2418339
Email: mysorecitypolice@gmail.com

Mysore City Police

Mirza Road, Nazarbad, Mysore , Karnataka, India
Phone: +91 821 2418100, 2418101, 2418102
Control Room : 100,+91 821-2418139, +91 821-2418339

Police Commissioner Office Nazarbad

Mirza Road, Near Gandhivana Park, Nazarbad Mohalla, Mysore, Karnataka, India 570010

Police Station Saraswathi Puram

Near Maruthi Temple, Near Somani School, Saraswathipuram, Mysore- 570009, Karnataka, India

Police Station Lakshmipuram

Near Lakshmipuram Police Station, Lakshmipuram, Mysore- 570004, Karnataka, India

Police Station Krishna Raja

Vanivilas Road, K.R Mohalla, Mysore- 570024, Karnataka, India

Police Station Office Nazarbad

T.Narsipura Road, Opposite Gopala Gowda Hospital, Nazarbad Mohalla, Mysore- 570010, Karnataka, India

Police Station Narasimha Raja

2nd Cross, Near Ganesh Provision Store, Rajendra Nagar, Mysore- 570007, Karnataka, India

Mysore City Police is considered to be a very strong organization that works towards the welfare of the citizens of Mysore.

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