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Railways in Mysore

One of the important parts of Mysore’s entire transport system is its rail system. People from near and far visit Mysore for their personal and professional reasons through this means. The railway system also plays an important part in connecting Mysore to other parts of the Karnataka state and helps its people visit Mysore and enjoy its rich heritage and culture. The rail travel provides simple hassle free travel experience and rail tickets are also economical. The railway station in Mysore is called the Mysore railway station.

Railways in Mysore

Mysore Railway Station

The railway station in Mysore has three lines which connect to Chamarajanagar, Hassan and Bangalore. The first railway line was a meter gauge which was developed between Bangalore and Mysore Junction. This railway line was established under the British in 1882. Today all the railway lines from Mysore are connected through a single line track and this ensures fast travel. Shatabdi Express is the fastest train.

Mysore Railway Station is also a junction. The railway station is situated near the city and is well connected with various types of transportation available in the city. Mysore Railway Station has six platforms and in 2010 a Wi-Fi service was also introduced in the station. Thus both elements of tradition and modernism is found in the city.

Trains from Mysore to Other Cities

Mysore is well-connected through railways with other cities of the state and India. Here are details about them:

Train Departing From Mysore to Bangalore

  • Train Number: 2817 / 22818   
Train Name:  Howrah - Mysore Weekly        
Departure Time: 12:30am (M)   
  • Train Number: 56231 / 56232        
Train Name: Mysore - Bangalore Passenger (except Sundays)        
Departure Time: 05:50am
  •  Train Number: 6215 / 16216        
Train Name: Chamundi Express        
Departure Time: 06:45am
  • Train Number: 2975 / 12976        
Train Name: Jaipur Express (Super Fast)        
Departure Time: 10:15am

Trains Operating on Thursdays and Saturdays

  •  Train Number: 56229 / 56233        
Train Name: Mysore - Bangalore Passenger        
Departure Time: 08:20am
  • Train Number: 2613 / 12614        
Train Name: Tipu Express (Super Fast)        
Departure Time: 11:00am
  •  Train Number: 17303 / 17304        
Train Name: Mysore - Yeshwanthpura Express        
Departure Time: 12:10pm
  •  Train Number: 6210 / 16209        
Train Name: Mysore - Ajmer - Mysore Express        
Departure Time: 06:15pm

Trains Operating on Tuesdays and Thursdays

  •  Train Number:  12008 / 12007        
Train Name: Shatabdi Express (except Wednesdays)        
Departure Time: 02:15pm
  •  Train Number: 6230 / 56238        
Train Name: Mysore - Bangalore Passenger (except on Sundays)        
Departure Time: 02:30pm
  •  Train Number: 6232 / 16231        
Train Name: Mysore - Mayiladu Thurai Express        
Departure Time: 03:45pm
  • Train Number: 56213 / 56214        
Train Name: Tirupathi Fast Passenger        
Departure Time: 05:00pm
  • Train Number: 16732 / 16731        
Train Name: Mysore - Tuticorin Express   
Departure Time: 06:00pm
  • Train Number: 56234 / 56230        
Train Name: Mysore - Bangalore Passenger        
Departure Time: 06:50pm
  • Train Number: 16221 / 16222        
Train Name: Cauvery Express (to Chennai)        
Departure Time: 08:15pm
  •  Train Number: 56263 / 56264        
Train Name: Mysore - Bangalore Passenger        
Departure Time: 11:55pm
  • Train Number: 22681/22682        
Train Name: Mysore - Chennai Weekly        
Departure Time: 8:10pm

Trains from Mysore Departing on Wednesdays

  • Train Number: 16557/16558        
Train Name: Rajya - Rani Daily Express        
Departure Time: 04:15pm
  • Train Number: 16559/16560        
Train Name: Yashwantpur - Mysore Daily        
Departure Time: 01:30pm
  • Train Number: 6217/16218        
Train Name: Mysore - Sainagar Shirdi Weekly Express        
Departure Time: 05:30am

Trains from Mysore Moving Towards Nanjangud

  • Train Number: 56206 / 56205        
Train Name: Mysore - Nanjangud        
Departure Time: 09:15am
  • Train Number: 56202 / 56201        
Train Name: Mysore - Nanjangud - Chamarajnagar        
Departure Time: 05:00am
  • Train Number: 6213 / 56214        
Train Name: Tirupati - Chamarajanagar        
Departure Time: 10:45am

Train from Mysore to Hassan

  • Train Number: 11036 / 11035        
Train Name: Mysore - Dadar Sharavathi Express        
Departure Time: 06:15am

Trains Departing on Thursday

  • Train Number: 56266 / 56265        
Train Name: Mysore - Arsikere Passenger
Departure Time: 07:30am
  • Train Number: 56270 / 56269
Train Name: Mysore - Shimoga Town Passenger
Departure Time: 10:05am
  • Train Number: 6216 / 56215
Train Name: Mysore - Shravanabelagola Daily Passenger
Departure Time: 11:35am
  • Train Number: 2781 / 12782
Train Name: Mysore - Nizamuddin (New Delhi) SJW Express
Departure Time: 08:10pm

Trains Departing from Mysore on Fridays

  • Train Number: 16206 / 16205
Train Name: Mysore - Talaguppa Express
Departure Time: 06:00am
  • Train Number: 6276 / 56275
Train Name: Mysore - Mysore - Shimoga passenger
Departure Time: 1:15pm

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