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Sri Krishna Sweets Mysore

Mysore Pak is very famous as a dessert in the southern part of India especially Mysore is Karnataka. The dish owes its origination to Karnataka and it is prepared by making the use of clarified butter or ghee in simple terms. Along with pure ghee, gram flour and sugar is also needed for the preparation of Mysore Pak. In Kannada, Paka or Pak means syrup that is made of sugar and it also resembles dishes called Bhimapaka and Nalapaka found in the southern part of India.

Sweets in Mysore

The people of Mysore are very fond of food and sweets and it is only because of this reason that special attention is paid by the people in preparing any food. The food that is served in Mysore is a favorite among the people who visit here from different parts of the world. Not only the main food but the desserts that are found available in Mysore also serve to catch the attention of the people. it is only because of this reason that there are a lot of sweetmeat shops found in Mysore. The main area around Mysore airport and even the railway station possesses several sweetmeat shops where sweets of all kinds are available. The most famous sweetmeat shops found in Mysore are Sri Krishna Sweets Mysore and Mahalakshmi Sweets Mysore.

Sri Krishna Sweets Shop Mysore

Establishment of the Sweets Shop

Sri Krishna Sweets Mysore came into being in the year 1948 and Amudha Semmal Sri N.K. Mahadeva was the man behind the establishment of Sri Krishna Sweets Mysore. This shop has proved itself in being the pioneer in selling sweets made from pure ghee. Since 1948, the shop deals in the manufacture and sale of traditional sweets that are homemade and at the same time the shop also deals in souvenirs that are manufactured by taking into account modern techniques of manufacture. The shop is considered to be the best in India because it has been able to impress discerning consumers by reaching out to their taste buds.

The shop and the members working at this shop make continuous efforts in the field of trying to maintain the integrity of a product. This is done on a regular basis because the personnel and the staff at Sri Krishna Sweets Mysore are well aware of the fact the tastes of people keep on changing. The two sons of the owner, namely, Mr. M Krishnan and Mr. M Murali also strive hard and stringently in implementing the principles of their father without making any deviations.

The Speciality by the Shop Krishna Sweets Shop Mysore

Mysurpa or Mysore Pak is considered to be the specialty of Sri Krishna Sweets Mysore. Mysurpa or Mysore Pak is a kind of sweet that has the ability to melt the hearts of the people. the Mysore Pak that is found available at Sri Krishna Sweets Mysore serves as the brand ambassador of the company. The company has made several years of research about the technique, the ingredients and the taste of the consumers and then it has been successful in coming up with the blend that was able to transform Mysore Pak traditionally found in Mysore into a sweet that is specially found at Sri Krishna Sweets Mysore. At present, the Mysore Pak found at Sri Krishna Sweets Mysore is considered to be the largest selling sweet made of pure ghee in India. it serves as Sri Krishna Sweets Mysore’s monumental contribution to the industry of food processing in Mysore. Mysore Pak available at Sri Krishna Sweets Mysore has turned into a standard, an exclusive sweet and a flavor that is loved all over the world.

Mission and Vision of Sri Krishna Sweets

The main aim of the owner of Sri Krishna Sweets and even the people working at Sri Krishna Sweets is to offer best quality products to their customers at reasonable prices. The company continuously lays stress over positioning and then building its products and its brands according to the changes that take place in the preference of the customers. This is done in order to ensure that the products available at Sri Krishna Sweets are able to match up with customer preferences. This is the reason why the people at Sri Krishna Sweets make it a point to ensure the availability of the best products to their customers by diligently displaying their products at different locations within the city of Mysore. TQM that is Total Quality Management is something that is practiced at every level and in each sphere of the activities done at Sri Krishna Sweets and there are no compromises made at any level. This ensures that the customer is delighted and satisfied with the quality that he or she receives at Sri Krishna Sweets.

Address of the Shop:
Sri Krishna Sweets Shop

3, 9th Cross, 6th Main, 3rd Stage
Near MedPllus, Gokulam
Mysore, Karnataka 570002
Phone:099 86 440661

The use of modernized programs of production, logistics, effective planning and various facilities offered to the both domestic and international customers has made Sri Krishna Sweets a very famous name worldwide.

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