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Being to Mysore or adjoining areas anytime soon would surely give you an opportunity to visit some of the exciting places. Mysore is famous for its prominent culture, charming temples and retaining the innocence of life even when the world is progressing towards modernization every day. One such tremendous place to visit while you are in Mysore or in surrounding areas is – Talakad or Talakadu.

Talakadu Karnataka

Talakadu - the Cursed Old Town

It is an ancient popular weekend getaway and is must ‘go place’, if you happen to visit Karnataka. Talakadu is an old town situated on the banks of the Cauvery River. The town is a complete desert which is considered due to a curse given by a queen. Besides this, the place is a prominent picnic area and pilgrimage. 

History of Talakadu

Talakadu has an interesting history and dates back to the time of Ganga Kings in 3rd century AD.  The place is associated with a curse given by a queen that turned Talakadu in a complete deserted area. Furthermore, there are several temples in the Talakadu with historic importance. People believe that Lord Shiva resided in a tree here which was worshipped by Saints who were reincarnated as elephants. The temples buildings have inscriptions that associate with the historic era. Some of the locals believe in all these myths while these things excite the visitors to know more about the history of the deserted town.

Places to See in Talakadu

Talakadu town is known for ancient temples and pilgrimages. Folks would be spiritually attached to the lord once they visit here. There is an amazing Shiva temple in Talakadu- Vaidyeshwara. This temple is constructed using granite in special Dravidian style. Besides the shiva temple, Talakadu also has Panchalinga darshana, Arkeshwara temple, Pataleshwara temple or Vasukishwar , Saikateshwara or Maraleshwara temple and Mallikarjuna temple. Most of the temples in Talakadu are constructed under Vijayanagar Kings. However, Hoysalas enhanced the beauty of the temples with time. There are tremendous carvings on the eastern door of Navaranga with dwarapalakas decorating the gate.

How to Reach Talakadu

Visitors can get to Talakadu by road either from Kanakapura Road or Mysore highway. The town is 130 kilometers from the Bangalore and 48 kilometers from Mysore. Visitors usually come to see Talakadu as their trip either to Bangalore or Mysore. They can leave the same day after visiting all the temples. However, several resorts offer stay options as well. Visitors can stay, relax and see the temples along with exploring motor boat, water scooter activities in resort. 

Best Time to Visit Talakadu

Visiting the town during Panchalinga Darshan is great. Visitors can be part of grand fair held after every 12 years to worship Shiva temples. However, whenever you visit Bangalore or Mysore, the place is must visit. 

To get to know more about the archaeological remains, remote sensing technology is used in Talakadu. There are many structures not revealed till date in Talakad. However, historians keep looking for evidences. Visit Talakadu and experience the history and charming architecture of the place. 

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