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Wildlife Sanctuary near Mysore

India is a diverse country with pool of languages and cultures. However, apart from being home to diverse cultures, it gives shelter to several fabulous wildlife sanctuaries and national park. Out of the total land of Indian state, about 4 % of it is covered with forests. There are a total of 500 wildlife sanctuaries in India attracting visitors from across the country and even globe. People can easily stay in these sanctuaries in privately or publicly run hotels and cottages. Besides this, every state tourism department provide professional guides to the visitors to make their experience even more exciting.

Wildlife Sanctuary near Mysore

Located at a distance of 140 kilometers from Bangalore, Mysore is an amazing place famous for its food, rich culture, beautiful palaces, charming temples and wildlife sanctuaries. After roaming around and visiting every place in Mysore, visitors can head to two famous wildlife sanctuaries near the city. The first place to visit and experience seeing the rich flora and fauna is Bandipur National Park while the other is a prominent bird sanctuary,Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary.

Bandipur National Park Wildlife Sanctuary near Mysore

The National Park is located at about 80 kilometres from the Mysore city. The park is home to as many as 70 tigers and 3,000 Asian elephants. Bandipur National Park is India’s prominent sanctuary and an essential Project Tiger reserve. Being a part of project tiger reserve, the park the number of tigers has been increasing over the years. 

Gundelpet is at a distance of about 20 kilometers to the National Park. Finding an accommodation in the Bandipur National Park is not a problem for visitors. They can either stay in cottages run by forest department or hotels maintained by tourism department (Karnataka) to spend some days in the park. There are number of safaris organized by forest departments in buses, cars or elephants. This is the most amazing way to get in touch with the rare plant and animal species within the park. The safaris can be enjoyed two times a day either in morning or evening. The forest department even organizes many group activities within the park to give their visitors a better experience. 

Best time to visit the place is April to October. However, tourists can spot elephant moving in groups in rainy season- June to September.

Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary Wildlife Sanctuary near Mysore

Being one of the prominent bird sanctuaries, Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary is located 19 kilometres from Mysore. The bird sanctuary attracts many tourists throughout the year. It is also popular with the name ‘Pakshi Kashi’ in Karnataka. The Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary extends to six islets on Kaveri River. An islet was considered crucial for birds in 20th century and so is the bird sanctuary was formed. 

The sanctuary is habitat to Kingfishers, peacocks, great stone plovers and many more. The water birds seen here are common spoonbill, lesser whistling duck, painted stork etc. Also, various birds migrate from their home countries to this sanctuary in winter months. Tourists can also spot crocodiles and mammal species like common palm civet etc. in the sanctuary. 

Within the sanctuary, tourists can stay in some river side cottages. Most of the times, visitors prefer staying in Mysore itself. Visitors can explore the bird sanctuary through boat sanctuaries and it is recommended if they carry water bottles with them to stay hydrated due to the humid climate. 

Tourists can have unforgettable experience while visiting both the sanctuaries.

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