Administration in Mysore

Mysore is one among the well organized city in the state of Karnataka. It has three subdivisions namely, Hunsur, Nanjangud and Mysore. The administration is the city of Mysore is taken care by the Deputy Commissioner. The Deputy Commissioner office is under the control of both the District Magistrate and the Deputy Commissioner. The general administration of Mysore is taken care by the Deputy Commissioner and they are the one who is responsible in maintaining the law and order in the city of Mysore. The Head Quarters assistant is said to assist the Deputy Commissioner. The Mysore Revenue District is subdivided into two and are headed by the Assistant Commissioners. The talukas in the sub-divisions are headed by the Tehsildars. The talukas in Mysore get further divided as hoblis and it is headed by the Revenue inspectors. The hoblis comprises the villages in and around Mysore.

Administrative Functions in Mysore

Maintaining a good law and order in the city of Mysore is the main aim for the Superintendent of Police and he is the who is said to be heading the Police force in Mysore. The district magistrate can exercise the general supervision on the jails in Mysore and also on the license for running petrol bunks, cinema, and for LPG cylinder godowns.

Land Revenue in Mysore

The main important role of the revenue department in Mysore is to maintain the land records that include the collection of land revenue and the assessment of it. The Government dues are collected in the form of arrears for the land revenue. The Deputy Commissioner in Mysore is the designated Revenue officer and he is charge of dealing the land disputes in and around Mysore. He has also got the power to manage the public lands and the properties in Mysore. The Tahsildars and the Assistant Commissioners have said to be assisting the land revenue section in Mysore in a good way so that everyone pays their revenues to the Government.

Mysore City Corporation

The Mysore City Corporation (MCC) was established in the year 1977 that takes care of the civic administration in the city of Mysore. It indeed oversees the engineering works, water supply, health sanitation and taxation. The mayor is the head of the corporation and he is assisted by the council members and the commissioners. The Mysore city has a total of 65 wards with the elected council members for each and every ward. The council members are known as the corporators and they are elected once in a five year by the citizens who live in Mysore. The Mayor for Mysore district is elected by these council members. During the year 2012, the MCC made an annual budget of about 430 crore that was spent for various projects in and around Mysore.

Mysore City Corporation

The MCC was referred as the best municipal corporation and it had bagged the Nagara Ratna award during the year 2011.

Administrative Responsibilities of MC:
  • The MCC is responsible for formulating the annual financial budget for the city and on a regular basis also focuses on the key areas which need attention.
  • The residents of Mysore register on a regular basis the birth and death of its resident. This helps in observing certain unique and popular trends in population.
  • The infrastructure of the city like road maintenance, street lightening and underground drainage system is maintained by MCC. A good management of these necessary facilities helps to create a good impression among tourists which plays an important role in generating revenue for the city.
  • Mysore City Corporation also maintains the water system for the city. Scarcity of water creates problems among the residents and hampers normal life.
  •  The MCC helps in running the electricity system for the city and an effective electricity power city would help its resident enjoy a better quality of life today. Otherwise busy city life of Mysore would come to a standstill.
  •  MCC also maintains the cleanliness of the city and this helps to create goodwill among its business tourist as well as tourist from all over the world who visit Mysore’s favorite tourist and religious locations.
  •  Maintaining road safety measures helps in creating a good impression on its residents and also on the travelers visiting Mysore for various purposes.
  • The MCC also maintains various government offices and important city locations in the city. The responsibilities could include selecting accurate staff for its daily operations and also maintaining various maintenance projects for its heritage projects.
  • MCC also runs various government hospitals and educational schools for its people. This would help them to cater to medical services and create literacy among its general public.

Mysore Urban Development Authority

It takes care of the urban growth in the city and it said to be headed by the commissioner. The main activity of MUDA is to develop new layout and make roads, plan for a new town, land acquisition and much more. The Outer Ring Road created by the MUDA has lead to an ease in the traffic congestion for the Mysore city people. The electric supply in Mysore is handled by the Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation.

Mangalore gets its drinking water from both the Kabini and the Kaveri river. The city was got developed with the Belagola project that was commissioned in the past generation. Mysore recorded the usage of water per days as 42.5 million galls during the year 2011. The whole city is connected to the underground drainage system. The sewage from the Mysore city drains into the valleys. Mysore has been recorded as the second cleanest city in the state of Karnataka during the year 2010 and it still holds the same record.

Mysore Government and Politics

The Mysore citizens are responsible for electing four representatives for the constituencies,  namely, Krishnaraja, Chamaraja, Narasimarana and Chamundeshwari. The elected people represent the Legislative Assembly of Karnataka. Mysore also elects a member of the Indian Parliament. This one member represents the Lok Sabha in the Indian Parliament. The politics in the Mysore city have been dominated by three different political parties,  namely, the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Indian National Congress and Janata Dal.

The Mysore Urban Development Authority has made a proposal for a new metro rail system in Mysore. The MUDA has requested the officials from the Mass Rapid Transport System to implement the metro system in Mysore. The survey is still in process and the metro rail system can happen in Mysore in the near future. A heritage park is said to be created in the 35 acres that is found around the Hotel Lalitha Mahal Palace. The park will have the models of the famous heritage structures that originated from the city. The underbridge construction in between the Vidyaranyapuram and Kuvempunagar railway station has been made in the last few days. A swimming pool has been constructed in Vijaynagar stadium that was done on a budget of 21 crore Indian Rupees.

Mysore Lok Sabha Constituency

The Mysore Lok Sabha constituency is one among the 28 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state of Karnataka. Mysore has been divided into eight legislative assembly segments and they are as follows
  • Madikeri
  • Virajpet
  • Piriyapatna
  • Hunsur
  • Chamundeshwari
  • Krishnaraja
  • Chamaraja
  • Narasimharaja
The Virajpet and Madikeri were added on the Mysore Lok Sabha constituency by the year 2007. The Delimitation process made way to add these two assembly segments in Mysore.

Members of Parliament from Mysore

The following are the names of the Parliament members who got elected from Mysore in the past years
  • 1951 - N. Rachiah from Indian National Congress
  • 1957 - S.M. Siddiah from Indian National Congress
  • 1962 - M. Shankaraiya from Indian National Congress
  • 1967 - H.D. Tulasidas from Indian National Congress
  • 1971 - M.D. Tulasidas from Indian National Congress
  • 1977 - H.D. Tulasidas from Indian National Congress
  • 1980 - M. Rajasekara Murthy from Indian National Congress
  • 1984 - Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja Wadiya from Indian National Congress
  • 1989 - Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja Wadiya from Indian National Congress
  • 1991 - Chandraprabha URS from Indian National Congress
  • 1996 - C.H. Vijayashankar from Bharatiya Janata Party
  • 1999 - Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja Wadiya from Indian National Congress
  • 2004 - C.H. Vijayashankar from Bharatiya Janata Party
  • 2009 - Adagooru H. Vishwanath from Indian National Congress

Mysore Judiciary

The Mysore District Court Complex is said to be managing the jurisdiction of Mysore. The District and Sessions Court in Mysore has a Judge who gets appointed by the High Court. The Sessions Court is located in the District headquarters. The Mysore city has got nine courts for Judicial Magistrate First Class and it takes care of the Juvenile cases. The present District Judge is Smt. KS. Mudagal. The district judge is responsible for the Sessions court also. Mr. NK. Patil is currently the Administrative Judge for the Mysore District.

Who's Who in Mysore

In the Karnataka legislature Mysore has its four representatives from four areas which are Chamundeshwari, Chamaraja, Narasimharaja and Krishnaraja. It also sends one Member of Parliament to the national Lok Sabha.

Current Lok Sabha Member from Mysore
Aagooru Huchegowda Vishwanath
Permanent Address of the person: Govt. House Premises, Near Rural Bus Stand, Nazarbad, Mysore City - 10, Karnataka
Delhi Address of the Person: 128-130, South Avenue, New Delhi - 110 011
Mobile-No: 9013180146, 09901172999
Phone Number in Delhi & Mysore: 011-23795342, 0821-2445656
Fax Details-0821-2442266

Members of the Legislative Assembly

  • V Shrinivas Prasad
District Incharge Minister and Hon’ble Revenue Minister
Residential Address of the Person: #91, Bheema Sadana, 7th Main Road, Jayalakshmi Puram, Mysore-570012
Mobile- Number: 9448448150
Landline Number-0821-2511533
  • Sri M.K.Somashekar   
Member of Legislative Assembly
Constituency: Krishnaraja Mysore
Residential Address of the Person- #318, "Janani", D Subbaiah Road, Chamaraja Mohalla, Mysore-24
  • Sri P.Vasu   
Member of Legislative Assembly
Constituency: Chamaraja Mysore
Residential Address of the Person:  #16, Temple Road, Jayalakshmi Puram, Mysore-570012
  • Sri Tanveer Sait   
 Member of Legislative Assembly,
Constituency: Narasimharaja Mysore
Mobile Phone Number-9845108055/9845127861
  •  Sri G T Devegowda   
 Member of Legislative Assembly
Constituency: Chamundeshwari, Mysore
Residential Address of the Person: # 509, New Kalidasa Road,Vijaya Nagara 1st stage,Mysore -570017
  •  Sri Siddaramaiah    

Hon'ble Chief Minister and Member of Legislative Assembly

Constituency: Varuna, Mysore

Residential Address of the Person:  #32, Siddaramaiahna Hundi, Varuna Hobli, Mysore
Bangalore Landline Number-080-23111155

Commissioner of Police Mysore

KL Sudheer
Residential Address-Mirza Road, Near Gandhivana Park, Nazarbad Mysore- 10
Contact Phone Number- 0821-2418100

All of the above important people do their duties with utmost dedication and help the city to enjoy a good quality life.

The state of Karnataka occupies an important place among the states of India. Bangalore can be described as India’s IT hub. Mysore away from Bangalore for more than 140+ km is an important tourist location in Karnataka. Mysore has numerous names. It is called the “City of Palaces” or the “Sandalwood City”. The name Mysore is originally derived from the word “Mahisura” and the British anglicized it into Mysore during its rule. The city is under spotlight during the Dusshera festival and for its Mysore silk sarees which are famous over the world.

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