Mysore Tourism

Douglas Coupland famously remarked once, “Royalty is either going to do very well with cloning or its going to disappear completely.” But there has been one such place which has survived as well as maintained its royalty even after almost seven centuries of its existence. The city in question is the third largest city of the Indian state of Karnataka and known as the city of palaces – Mysore.

Mysore Tourism

The name Mysore is the anglicized version of the name Mahishuru which in Kannada means the abode of Mahisha. It is said that the area was ruled by the evil demon Mahishasura, who was later killed by the Goddess Chamudeshwari. It was then given its present name of Maisuru which was named Mysore during the British era. The name Mysuru was given by the Government of Karnataka in the year 2005; the necessary formalities still await completion.

Travel in Mysore

The city of Mysore falls on the National Highway (NH – 212) and on the State Highway 17. The National Highway connects Mysore to Kerala and Tamil Nadu while the State Highway links it to Bangalore. Transport in the city is fairly convenient with buses run by the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) as well as other private operators. There are auto – rickshaws as well as Tongas are available.

Travel and Tourism in Mysore

Mysore is known as the cultural capital of Karnataka. It is also known as the city of palaces. The palaces are the most important tourist attractions of the city. The Mysore palace is the major palace as well as one of the major identities of the cities. Other palaces include the Jaganmohan Palace, Jayalakshmi Villa as well as the Lalitha Mahal. Other major tourist attractions of Mysore include the Krishnarajasagar Dam, Balmuri Waterfalls, Brindavan Gardens, the Shivasamudra Falls, as well as the Bandipur National Park. The celebrations of Dusshera in Mysore are a landmark occasion in the city. The Mysore Palace plays host to these celebrations.
You can also enjoy weekend getaways near Mysore city and cal explore some towns near the city like Saligrama, Hunsur, Srirangapatna, Somnathpur, Nanjangud, Piriyapatna and Bannur.

Mysore Climate

Mysore has a semi–arid type of climate which experiences summers, winters as well as Monsoon as the three major seasons throughout the year. The maximum temperature recorded in Mysore is 39 Degrees while the minimum temperature recorded is 7 degrees. Its proximity to the Arabian Sea enables it to have a good rainfall during Monsoons.

Mysore Cuisine

The cuisine of Mysore is extremely renowned for its rice preparations. The Mysore Masala Dosa is famous not only in the city itself but also all over the country. Another famous preparation of Mysore is the Rasam which is a curry made out of all the dry spices. Another famous preparation of Mysore is the different types of Idli. There are iconic restaurants in Mysore like Mylari, GTR, Dasprakash, Mahesh Prasad and Hotel Military.

Religious Places in Mysore

Mysore is known as the Cultural Capital of the state of Karnataka. Since it is the cultural capital, it has an ideal mix of historic, cultural as well as religious centers. Mysore also has plenty of religious structures predominant in Srirangapatnam, as well as in the main city. The landmark temples and churches here include St. Philomena’s Cathedral, the Temple of Goddess Chamundeshwari, Bhuvaneshwari Temple, the Lakshmiramanna Swamy Temple, as well as many Buddhist monasteries.

Hotels in Mysore

Since Mysore has a large tourist footfall almost throughout the year, there are plenty of hotels for their accommodation. They include budget as well as five – star hotels and resorts like Young Island Resort, Windflower Resort. Prominent hotels of Mysore include Hotel Aishwarya Residency, Hotel Crystal Park Inn, Hotel Ginger as well as Hotel the Village. You can also enjoy being at Country Club Mysore.

Tourism in Mysore has always been the identity of the city. It has greatly enhanced as well as will continue to enhance the image of the city throughout the country!
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